AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-01-18Updated to package version 16660Fabrizio del Tin
2022-11-20Updated to package version 16270Fabrizio del Tin
2021-08-30Removed bazaarFabrizio del Tin
2021-05-30Updated to package version 15947Fabrizio del Tin
2020-12-24Updated to package version 15260Fabrizio del Tin
2020-12-22Updated to package versionFabrizio del Tin
2020-12-19Fixed umk usageFabrizio del Tin
2020-12-19Updated to package version 15609Fabrizio del Tin
2020-12-08Deleted unuseful filesFabrizio del Tin
2020-12-08Updated to 15568 buildFabrizio del Tin
2020-09-15Updated to version 14429 and GTK 3.0Fabrizio del Tin
2019-12-22Updated to version 13664Fabrizio del Tin
2019-06-242019.01 updateFrederic Bezies
2017-05-03updated srcinfoJan Dolinar
2017-05-03updated checksumsJan Dolinar
2017-05-01removed unnecessary installJan Dolinar
2017-04-24version 2017.1Jan Dolinar
2016-01-24upgraded to 2015.2, enabled theide and umkJan Dolinar
2015-07-14Initial commitJan Dolinar