AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-07-30Bump pkgverThomas Hebb
2022-07-30Depend on generic wxwidgets package instead of wxgtk2Thomas Hebb
2022-05-09Switch to upstream udev rulesThomas Hebb
2022-05-08Bump pkgrelThomas Hebb
2022-05-08Patch Makefiles to respect makepkg's CFLAGS/LDFLAGSThomas Hebb
2022-05-08Remove some more unwanted multilib code in undebian.patchThomas Hebb
2022-05-08Remove unneeded dependenciesThomas Hebb
2022-05-08Update PKGBUILD with new CreateDebFile changesThomas Hebb
2022-05-08Update hash for undebian.patch, whoopsThomas Hebb
2022-05-08Fix build errors with latest upstreamThomas Hebb
2021-01-18Remove Linux build fixes now upstreamedThomas Hebb
2021-01-18Update package version and .SRCINFOThomas Hebb
2021-01-18Fix a number of new build issues in the latest GitThomas Hebb
2021-01-17Auto-rebase undebian.patch on top of latest GitThomas Hebb
2021-01-17Update wxgtk2 dependency nameThomas Hebb
2021-01-17Use new Makefile name, drop 32-bit supportThomas Hebb
2021-01-17Remove never-set BITNESS variableThomas Hebb
2018-01-17Fix sed patching bugThomas Hebb
2018-01-17Update for current Git versionThomas Hebb
2016-11-11Update versionThomas Hebb
2016-11-11Conflict with usbdm packageThomas Hebb
2016-11-11Add notification about USB suspend problemsThomas Hebb
2016-11-11Add missing dependenciesThomas Hebb
2016-11-11Add udev rulesThomas Hebb
2016-11-06Initial commitThomas Hebb