AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-09-06Fix mispelled makedependsAdrià Cabello
2023-09-04Fix pxrTargets.cmakeAdrià Cabello
2023-09-03Pakcage revampAdrià Cabello
2023-08-25upgpkg: usd 23.08-5Caleb Maclennan
2023-08-24Added support for tbb 2021Adrià Cabello
2023-07-22deleted tbb patch by error srryAdrià Cabello
2023-07-22Updated to 23.08 and removed boost buildAdrià Cabello
2023-06-21updated materialx pathAdrià Cabello
2023-06-20disabled LD_PRELOAD as it conflicts with other programsAdrià Cabello
2023-06-17added environment variable file to profile.dAdrià Cabello
2023-05-29Removed memset patch since it was giving core dump errorsAdrià Cabello
2023-05-27fixed memset warningAdrià Cabello
2023-05-27Added qt5-base to depends, which contains the necessary uicAdrià Cabello
2023-05-26I left some lines offAdrià Cabello
2023-05-26Fixed uic problem, support building various components. Should build in a cle...Adrià Cabello
2023-04-23added boost 1.78.0 to prepare (the build issue is fixed)Adrià Cabello
2023-04-19updated to v23.05 (still fails to build)Adrià Cabello
2023-03-28added flatNormals.cpp.o patch. See:à Cabello
2023-03-16Add missing dependencies, work towards Arch package guidelines, restyle for e...Caleb Maclennan
2023-01-01using system opensubdivAdrià Cabello
2022-10-21initial uploadAdrià Cabello
2020-09-08Updated url, .SRCINFO checksumsbartus
2020-07-30Pop version to 20.05 (for blender{,-develop)-git)bartus
2020-03-10Travis: Fix for unnormalized TRAVIS variable.bartus
2020-03-08Travis: python disabled by default.bartus
2020-03-08Make python optional.bartus
2020-03-03Fix python install path.bartus
2020-02-20Rewind to to blender version with some patches.bartus
2020-02-20Build monolithic library.bartus
2020-02-20Fix boost_python27 library linking issue.bartus