AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-01-08update to 1.68.2D3SOX
2024-01-04update to 1.68.1D3SOX
2024-01-04update to 1.68D3SOX
2023-12-07update to 1.67D3SOX
2023-09-08update to 1.66D3SOX
2023-07-23update to 1.65.1D3SOX
2023-06-06update to 1.65D3SOX
2023-05-27libplist reubuildD3SOX
2023-04-24update to 1.64D3SOX
2023-03-13update to 1.63.2D3SOX
2023-02-16update to 1.63D3SOX
2023-01-22update to 1.62D3SOX
2023-01-02update to 1.61.1D3SOX
2022-12-15update to 1.60D3SOX
2022-12-12update to 1.59D3SOX
2022-11-04update to 1.58D3SOX
2022-10-10update to 1.57D3SOX
2022-10-09bump epoch to force updateD3SOX
2022-10-09update to 1.56dD3SOX
2022-07-31update to 1.56D3SOX
2022-07-23update to 1.55D3SOX
2022-06-26update to 1.54D3SOX
2022-06-18update to 1.53D3SOX
2022-05-05update to 1.52D3SOX
2022-04-25update to 1.51D3SOX
2022-04-22update to 1.50D3SOX
2022-04-02update to 1.49D3SOX
2022-03-12remove obsolete conflics/providesD3SOX
2022-03-12fix syntaxD3SOX
2022-03-12update dependenciesD3SOX
2022-03-12update to 1.48D3SOX
2022-02-09update to 1.47D3SOX
2022-01-19update to 1.46D3SOX
2022-01-18update to 1.45D3SOX
2022-01-03update to 1.44fD3SOX
2021-12-09update to 1.43D3SOX
2021-11-20update to 1.42D3SOX
2021-11-14update to 1.41D3SOX
2021-11-09update to 1.40D3SOX
2021-11-06update to 1.39D3SOX
2021-10-21update to 1.38b, install manpage, doc and licenseD3SOX
2021-10-08update to 1.38D3SOX
2021-10-05update to 1.37dD3SOX
2021-09-30update to 1.37D3SOX
2021-09-29update to 1.36D3SOX
2021-09-29initial importD3SOX