AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-12-24Version bump to 0.212.7Markus Sommer
2022-11-09Version bump to 0.211.11Markus Sommer
2022-03-07Version bump to 0.207.2Markus Sommer
2021-09-18Version bump to 0.202.19Markus Sommer
2021-07-01Version bump to 0.156.2Markus Sommer
2021-06-25Version bump to 0.155.7Markus Sommer
2021-06-09Version bump to 0.154.1Markus Sommer
2021-05-13Version 0.153.2 releasedMarkus Sommer
2021-04-20Implement config file via systemd `EnvironmentFile`Markus Sommer
2021-04-20Version bumpMarkus Sommer
2021-04-12Initial packageMarkus Sommer