AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-11-14Introduces new dependency `python-sphinx` and optdepend `valadoc`Philipp Trommler
2016-11-06Again, `.SRCINFO`Philipp Trommler
2016-11-06Adds conflicts info.Philipp Trommler
2016-11-06Updates `.SRCINFO` as well.Philipp Trommler
2016-11-06Updates `PKGBUILD` to new build system.Philipp Trommler
2015-09-08Renamed LGPL to COPYING.Philipp Trommler
2015-07-02Removed threading option as it was removed in the git.Philipp Trommler
2015-06-27Added descriptions for optional dependencies.Philipp Trommler
2015-06-27Threading support is now enabled when gthread is present.Philipp Trommler
2015-06-17Initial commit. Also fixed error during check.Philipp Trommler