AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-10-05Removed duplicate dependenciessatcom886
2020-10-05Removed ocl-icd from dependenciessatcom886
2020-09-18Merged patch from telschsatcom886
2020-08-03Quotes are now everywheresatcom886
2020-07-16Forgot to create the directory for the .icd filesatcom886
2020-07-14Added a gitignore to simplify thingssatcom886
2020-07-01Fixed wrong directory name in pkgver()satcom886
2020-06-30Forgot to generate the srcinfo againsatcom886
2020-06-30Updated the package versionsatcom886
2020-06-30Added the forgotten pkgver()satcom886
2020-06-29Changed to git and hopefully made it work properlysatcom886
2020-06-29depends instead of requiressatcom886
2020-06-29First attempt at separating the packagessatcom886
2020-06-24Added the patch for vc4csatcom886
2019-09-21Hopefully fixed the sources downloadsatcom886
2019-09-21Fixed package namesatcom886
2019-09-21Fixed package namesatcom886
2019-09-21Initial commitsatcom886