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2020-10-05I typed it into the wrong field *facepalm*satcom886
2020-10-05Added khronos-ocl-icd as a dependencysatcom886
2020-08-03Quotes are now everywheresatcom886
2020-07-14Added a gitignore to simplify thingssatcom886
2020-06-30Forgot to generate the srcinfo againsatcom886
2020-06-30Updated the package versionsatcom886
2020-06-29Changed to gitsatcom886
2020-06-29First attempt at separating the packagessatcom886
2019-08-17fixed incorrect syntaxsatcom886
2019-08-17updated makedependssatcom886
2019-08-17my first attempt for an aur packagesatcom886