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2024-06-23Update to
2024-05-31Update to
2024-05-10Update to
2024-05-06Update to
2024-01-26Update to
2024-01-20Update to
2023-12-30Update to
2023-12-12Update to
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2023-09-20Update to
2023-08-18Update to
2023-04-16Update to
2023-04-14Update to
2022-12-30Update to
2022-11-11Update to r7924.6da233c38-1fenuks
2022-05-02Build package against ffmpeg4.4fenuks
2021-12-31Update to r7890.9e3c4b69c-2fenuks
2021-11-07Update to r7882.7cfd1fe0c-1fenuks
2020-08-07Fix wrong cd in packagefenuks
2020-08-06Update to r7614.8c77f0488-1fenuks
2017-09-10Add fuzzylite package as dep instead of submoduleSandy Carter
2017-09-10Add LD_LIBRARY_PATH to desktop filesSandy Carter
2017-07-22remove testing due to deps with submodulesSandy Carter
2016-10-23Remove minizip dependencySandy Carter
2016-09-24Improve build on multiple coresSandy Carter
2015-06-09Initial importRaziel23