AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-05-27Updated to
2023-03-13Updated to
2021-12-26Updated to 5.0.2, now includes kernel support up to and including 5.16theokonos
2021-10-08updated to
2021-08-14updated url to httpstheokonos
2021-08-12updating package rel#theokonos
2021-08-12updated deps to include veeamsnaptheokonos
2021-07-12updated pkgreltheokonos
2021-07-12updated SRCINFOtheokonos
2021-07-12Updated sha256 checksum to reflect latest build posted on 24-Jun-21 in veeam'...theokonos
2021-04-21updated veeam.install to include systemctl daemon-reloadtheokonos
2021-04-21updated pkgreltheokonos
2021-04-21updated PKGBUILDtheokonos
2021-04-21adding groupadd to veeam.install to create veeam group if not already presenttheokonos
2021-04-20adding symlinks for EULA and 3rdParty licenses from docs to licenses dirtheokonos
2021-04-20updating veeam.installtheokonos
2021-04-20updated .SRCINFOtheokonos
2021-04-20added veeam.install to facilitate veeamservice restarts after installation/up...theokonos
2021-04-20update to veeam 5.0Ted Sadler
2020-08-08Update to version
2020-02-19Update to version
2019-11-14Update pkgreldekart811
2019-11-14Change path of the pidfile in veeamservice.service so it is no longer using a...dekart811
2019-11-14Remove executeable flag from veeamservice.servicedekart811
2019-11-14Change checksums from md5 to sha256dekart811
2019-10-31Update to version
2019-01-25fix md5sumsCode Imp
2019-01-25addCode Imp