AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
10 daysadd info that this package also provide debug packageSofyan Sugianto
10 daysbump version 1.2.5-14 upstreamSofyan Sugianto
2023-09-08bump version 1.2.4-10 upstreamSofyan Sugianto
2023-07-30use aur standardSofyan Sugianto
2023-07-30update version 1.2.3Sofyan Sugianto
2022-08-27Use aur pkgver standard and fix wrong source url for upstream release 1.0.3-3.Sofyan Sugianto
2022-08-27update to 1.0.3-3Sofyan Sugianto
2022-07-27update to version 1.0.3-2 matching upstream releaseSofyan Sugianto
2021-10-31update link url from upstreamSofyan Sugianto
2021-10-04initial releaseSofyan Sugianto