AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-08-13Update to 0.3.3Simon Brand
2023-08-02Update to 0.3.2Simon Brand
2023-06-15Remove wrong directorySimon Brand
2023-05-28Update to 0.3.1Simon Brand
2023-05-11Update SRCINFOSimon Brand
2023-05-11Add license directorySimon Brand
2023-05-11PKGBUILD: add dependency on bashSimon Brand
2023-03-06Update to version 0.3.0Simon Brand
2023-03-06Add dependency on cryptsetup (veritysetup) and age, since some commands wont ...Simon Brand
2023-02-16Update to 0.2.3Simon Brand
2023-01-09Update to 0.2.2Simon Brand
2023-01-08Update to version 0.2.1Simon Brand
2023-01-05Remove duplicate checkdependsSimon Brand
2022-12-12Use version 0.2.0Simon Brand
2022-12-04Initial version of verity-squash-rootSimon Brand