AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-06-04bump version to 2.36Roman Sommer
2023-03-23bump version to 2.30Roman Sommer
2022-03-13bump version to 2.19Roman Sommer
2021-05-03bump version to 2.12Roman Sommer
2021-02-10bump version to 2.03Roman Sommer
2020-10-11bump version to 2.00Roman Sommer
2020-09-08version bump to 1.99Roman Sommer
2020-08-25version bump to 1.97Roman Sommer
2020-06-16version bump to 1.96Roman Sommer
2020-06-09version bump to 1.94Roman Sommer
2020-05-13version bump to 1.91Roman Sommer
2020-04-23version bump to 1.90Roman Sommer
2020-04-13version bump to 1.89Roman Sommer
2020-03-17version bump to 1.86Roman Sommer
2020-02-18version bump to 1.79Roman Sommer
2020-02-02version bump to 1.74Roman Sommer
2019-12-14version bump to 1.72Roman Sommer
2019-09-30version bump to 1.71Roman Sommer
2019-08-19version bump to 1.66Roman Sommer
2019-08-14version bump to 1.65Roman Sommer
2019-08-02version bump to 1.63Roman Sommer
2019-07-31version bump to 1.61Roman Sommer
2019-07-27version bump to 1.60Roman Sommer
2019-07-17version bump to 1.56Roman Sommer
2019-07-14version bump to 1.55Roman Sommer
2019-07-13version bump to 1.54Roman Sommer
2019-07-11version bump to 1.53Roman Sommer
2019-07-11version bump to 1.52Roman Sommer
2019-07-08add files for v1.51Roman Sommer