AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-04-14Patch the build skript so that the binary is named vesc_tool and use anOskar Roesler (bionade24)
2024-04-07Update .SRCINFOOskar Roesler (bionade24)
2024-04-07Update patch to work with current git master, overwrite the debug optionOskar Roesler (bionade24)
2023-10-22Remove lzokay patch and add qt5-svg as dependency.Oskar Roesler (bionade24)
2023-08-28Fix build for current versions.Oskar Roesler (bionade24)
2021-06-11Update custom filebionade24
2020-04-08Add .desktop entry for vesc-toolbionade24
2020-04-08Ship with own .pro file and edit various config settingsbionade24
2020-03-20fix pkgbuildKezi Olio
2020-03-20update srcinfoKezi Olio
2020-03-20update dependenciesKezi Olio
2018-08-28create pkgbuildKeziolio