AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-01-16Upgrade to Nagy
2023-10-10Add xcb-util-cursor dependencySandor Nagy
2023-09-30Upgrade to Nagy
2023-06-16Upgrade to Nagy
2022-11-30Upgrade dependency openssl to 1.1Sandor Nagy
2022-08-14Add gst-plugins-bad to deps due Nagy
2022-08-13Upgrade to Nagy
2021-10-13Update to Nagy
2020-08-15Update to Nagy
2019-12-07Update to Nagy
2019-09-24Get source through httpsSandor Nagy
2019-07-13Add OpenSSL 1.0 as dependencySandor Nagy
2019-06-06Set unique filename for downloaded sourceSandor Nagy
2019-03-16Update to Nagy
2017-10-27Update to Nagy
2017-03-19Missing dependencySandor Nagy
2017-01-21Update to Nagy
2016-04-27Missing dependenciesSandor Nagy
2016-04-16Update to Nagy
2016-03-28qt5-quick1 is available in AURSandor Nagy
2016-03-28Crashes with Qt5.6 packages from extraSandor Nagy
2016-03-28qt5-quick1 package no longer availableSandor Nagy
2015-06-09Initial importMladen Pejaković