AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-06-12Bump to 1.101.0Oleg Vasilev
2023-10-09Bump to 1.94.0Oleg "Zmey!" Vasiliev
2023-06-19Bump to 1.91.2Oleg "Zmey!" Vasiliev
2023-05-03Bump to 1.90.0Oleg "Zmey!" Vasiliev
2023-02-05Bump to 1.86.2Oleg "Zmey!" Vasiliev
2022-12-19Bump to 1.85.1Oleg "Zmey!" Vasiliev
2022-11-06Bump to 1.83.0Oleg "Zmey!" Vasiliev
2022-07-26Bump to 1.79.0Oleg "Zmey!" Vasiliev
2022-06-11Bump to 1.72.2Oleg "Zmey!" Vasiliev
2022-04-22Bump to 1.76.1Oleg Vasilev
2022-02-27Bump to 1.73.1Oleg Vasilev
2022-02-21Bump to 1.73.0Oleg Vasilev
2022-01-21Bump to 1.72.0Oleg Vasilev
2021-12-20Bump to 1.70.0Oleg Vasilev
2021-11-12Bump to 1.69.0Oleg Vasilev
2021-11-03Bump to 1.68.0Oleg Vasilev
2021-09-22Bump to 1.66.1Oleg Vasilev
2021-09-22Bump to 1.66.0Oleg Vasilev
2021-08-19Bump to 1.64.1Oleg Vasilev
2021-07-27Bump to 1.63.0Oleg Vasilev
2021-06-17Bump to 1.61.1Oleg Vasilev
2021-06-09Bump to 1.61.0Oleg Vasilev
2021-02-02Bump to 1.52.0Oleg Vasilev
2020-11-08Bump to 1.46.0Oleg Vasilev
2020-11-08Add .gitignoreOleg Vasilev
2020-08-18Bump to 1.40.0Oleg Vasilev
2020-07-14Bump to 1.38.1Oleg Vasilev
2020-06-20Bump to 1.37.1Oleg Vasilev
2020-06-04Bump to 1.36.3Oleg Vasilev
2020-05-22Bump to 1.35.6Oleg Vasilev
2020-05-03Update .SRCINFOOleg Vasilev
2020-05-03Bump to 1.35.0 and fix tmpfiles.d config deploy pathOleg Vasilev
2020-04-18Update .SRCINFOOleg Vasilev
2020-04-18Bump to 1.34.9Oleg Vasilev
2020-04-18Migrate to systemd sysusers and tmpfilesOleg Vasilev
2020-04-02Update .SRCINFOOleg Vasilev
2020-04-02Fix typo in unit fileOleg Vasilev
2020-04-02Bump to 1.34.5Oleg Vasilev
2020-03-25Bump to 1.34.3Oleg Vasilev
2020-02-21Bump to 1.33.1Oleg Vasilev
2020-01-06Bump to 1.32.0Oleg Vasilev
2019-12-03Bump to 1.30.3Oleg Vasilev
2019-11-06Bump to 1.28.3Oleg Vasilev
2019-10-16Bump to 1.28.0 with various improvementsOleg Vasilev
2019-09-25First AUR releaseOleg Vasilev