AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-11-25Bump to upstream version 2.4.17Ronny Lorenz
2020-10-15Bump to upstream release v2.4.16Ronny Lorenz
2020-08-20Bump to upstream release v2.4.15Ronny Lorenz
2020-08-04Fix compilation issues with GCC10Ronny Lorenz
2019-08-14Bump to upstream version 2.4.14Ronny Lorenz
2019-05-31Bump to upstream version 2.4.13Ronny Lorenz
2019-04-17Bump to upstream version 2.4.12Ronny Lorenz
2018-12-18Bump to upstream version 2.4.11Ronny Lorenz
2018-09-27Bump to upstream version 2.4.10Ronny Lorenz
2018-07-30Bump to upstream version 2.4.9Ronny Lorenz
2018-06-23Bump to upstream release v2.4.8Ronny Lorenz
2018-06-14Changes in upstream tar ball checksumRonny Lorenz
2018-06-13Adapt PKGCONFIG according to changed checksum of upstream tar ballRonny Lorenz
2018-06-13Include Langdon et al. 2018 RNA parameter fileRonny Lorenz
2018-06-13Bump to upstream version v2.4.7Ronny Lorenz
2018-04-19Bump to upstream release v2.4.6Ronny Lorenz
2018-04-17Bump to upstream release v2.4.5Ronny Lorenz
2018-03-06Bump to upstream release 2.4.4Ronny Lorenz
2017-11-14Bump to upstream release 2.4.3Ronny Lorenz
2017-10-13Bump to upstream release v2.4.2Ronny Lorenz
2017-08-23Bump to upstream release 2.4.1Ronny Lorenz
2017-08-01Bump to upstream release 2.4.0Ronny Lorenz
2017-04-14Acknowledge checksum changes in upstream tarballRonny Lorenz
2017-04-13Bump to upstream version 2.3.5Ronny Lorenz
2017-03-10Bump to upstream version 2.3.4Ronny Lorenz
2017-01-25Bump to upstream version 2.3.3Ronny Lorenz
2017-01-18Bump to upstream release 2.3.2Ronny Lorenz
2016-11-15Bump to upstream release v2.3.1Ronny Lorenz
2016-11-03bump to upstream version 2.3.0Ronny Lorenz
2016-09-07Bump to release 2.2.10Ronny Lorenz
2016-09-01Bump to upstream release 2.2.9Ronny Lorenz
2016-08-01Bump to upstream release 2.2.8Ronny Lorenz
2016-06-30Bump to upstream version 2.2.7Ronny Lorenz
2016-06-20Bump to upstream release v2.2.6Ronny Lorenz
2016-04-09Include Python3 interfaceRonny Lorenz
2016-04-09Bump to upstream release 2.2.5Ronny Lorenz
2016-03-05Include pkgconfig file for RNAlib2 in viennarna package againRonny Lorenz
2016-02-22Bump to upstream version 2.2.4Ronny Lorenz
2016-02-16Bump to release 2Ronny Lorenz
2016-02-13Bump to version 2.2.3Ronny Lorenz
2016-02-06Fixed .SRCINFORonny Lorenz
2016-02-06Bump to version 2.2.1 and split packageRonny Lorenz
2016-01-25Account for upstream changes in source tarballRonny Lorenz
2016-01-25Remove perl test scripts from installRonny Lorenz
2016-01-25Bump to version 2.2.0Ronny Lorenz
2015-09-18Moved on to bugfix version v2.1.9bRonny Lorenz