AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
4 days[visual-studio-code-bin] Update to 1.39.2D. Can Celasun
9 days[visual-studio-code-bin] Update to 1.39.1D. Can Celasun
11 days[visual-studio-code-bin] Update to 1.39.0D. Can Celasun
12 days[visual-studio-code-bin] Remove code.pngD. Can Celasun
12 days[visual-studio-code-bin] Add "which" dependencyD. Can Celasun
2019-09-12[visual-studio-code-bin] Update to 1.38.1D. Can Celasun
2019-09-05[visual-studio-code-bin] Update to 1.38.0D. Can Celasun
2019-08-29[visual-studio-code-bin] Replace gvfs dependency with gioD. Can Celasun
2019-08-15[visual-studio-code-bin] Update to 1.37.1D. Can Celasun
2019-08-08[visual-studio-code-bin] Update to 1.37.0D. Can Celasun
2019-07-09[visual-studio-code-bin] Update to 1.36.1D. Can Celasun
2019-07-03[visual-studio-code-bin] Update to 1.36.0D. Can Celasun
2019-06-13[visual-studio-code-bin] Update to 1.35.1D. Can Celasun
2019-06-05[visual-studio-code] Update iconD. Can Celasun
2019-06-05[visual-studio-code-bin] Update to 1.35.0D. Can Celasun
2019-05-17[visual-studio-code-bin] Fix icon workaroundD. Can Celasun
2019-05-16[visual-studio-code-bin] Update to 1.34.0D. Can Celasun
2019-04-11[visual-studio-code-bin] Update to 1.33.1D. Can Celasun
2019-04-04[visual-studio-code-bin] Fix license fileD. Can Celasun
2019-04-04[visual-studio-code-bin] Update to 1.33.0D. Can Celasun
2019-03-15[visual-studio-code-bin] Update to 1.32.3D. Can Celasun
2019-03-13[visual-studio-code-bin] Update to 1.32.2D. Can Celasun
2019-03-08[visual-studio-code-bin] Update to 1.32.1D. Can Celasun
2019-03-07[visual-studio-code-bin] Update to 1.32.0D. Can Celasun
2019-02-13[visual-studio-code-bin] Update to 1.31.1D. Can Celasun
2019-02-07[visual-studio-code-bin] Remove gconf dependencyD. Can Celasun
2019-02-06[visual-studio-code-bin] Update to 1.31.0D. Can Celasun
2019-01-09[visual-studio-code-bin] Update to 1.30.2D. Can Celasun
2018-12-19[visual-studio-code-bin] Update to 1.30.1D. Can Celasun
2018-12-15[visual-studio-code-bin] Restore StartupWMClassD. Can Celasun
2018-12-14[visual-studio-code-bin] URI handler supportD. Can Celasun
2018-12-12[visual-studio-code-bin] Update to 1.30.0D. Can Celasun
2018-12-03[visual-studio-code-bin] Add lsof dependencyD. Can Celasun
2018-11-16[visual-studio-code-bin] Update to 1.29.1D. Can Celasun
2018-11-12[visual-studio-code-bin] Update to 1.29.0D. Can Celasun
2018-10-28[visual-studio-code-bin] Update optdependsD. Can Celasun
2018-10-18[visual-studio-code-bin] Update to 1.28.2D. Can Celasun
2018-10-12[visual-studio-code-bin] Update to 1.28.1D. Can Celasun
2018-10-08[visual-studio-code-bin] Update to 1.28.0D. Can Celasun
2018-09-13[visual-studio-code-bin] Update to 1.27.2D. Can Celasun
2018-09-11[visual-studio-code-bin] New optdepends, conflict with community packageD. Can Celasun
2018-09-07[visual-studio-code-bin] Update to 1.27.1D. Can Celasun
2018-08-17[visual-studio-code-bin] Minor cleanupD. Can Celasun
2018-08-17[visual-studio-code-bin] Update to 1.26.1D. Can Celasun
2018-08-16[visual-studio-code-bin] Do not forget .SRCINFOD. Can Celasun
2018-08-16[visual-studio-code-bin] Use private copies of libxml2 and icuD. Can Celasun
2018-08-14[visual-studio-code-bin] Broken glibc workaroundD. Can Celasun
2018-08-13[visual-studio-code-bin] Update to 1.26.0D. Can Celasun
2018-08-04[visual-studio-code-bin] Revert: replace gtk2 with gtk3D. Can Celasun
2018-08-04[visual-studio-code-bin] Replace gtk2 with gtk3D. Can Celasun