AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-06-09version bump: 1.9.4a55 -> 1.9.4a57Eric Berquist
2022-03-25version bump: 1.9.4a51 -> 1.9.4a55Eric Berquist
2021-07-01Update pkgdesc to signify this is the official binary buildEric Berquist
2021-07-01version bump: 1.9.4a38 -> 1.9.4a51Eric Berquist
2019-12-18Fix SHA256 checksum of desktop fileEric Berquist
2019-12-17Initial version of install script and iconEric Berquist
2019-10-26version bump: 1.9.4a37 -> 1.9.4a38Eric Berquist
2019-09-04version bump: 1.9.4a35 -> 1.9.4a37Eric Berquist
2019-08-11version bump: 1.9.4a31 -> 1.9.4a35Eric Berquist
2019-03-17version bump: 1.9.4a29 -> 1.9.4a31Eric Berquist
2019-03-16version bump: 1.9.4a27 -> 1.9.4a29Eric Berquist
2019-02-18version bump: 1.9.4a12 -> 1.9.4a27Eric Berquist
2018-01-09version bump: 1.9.4a9 -> 1.9.4a12Eric Berquist
2017-11-15version bump: 1.9.4a8 -> 1.9.4a9Eric Berquist
2017-09-09version bump: 1.9.3 -> 1.9.4a8Eric Berquist
2017-04-11update to 1.9.3Eric Berquist
2015-06-25replace mesa-libgl dependency with libglsteabert
2015-06-16Initial importsteabert