AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-02-11Qt 6.x rebuildLinuxUserGD
2021-06-21remove patch, upstream fixhaawda
2021-06-20add patch for missing include in C++-codehaawda
2021-01-11make gst-plugins-bad optionalhaawda
2020-10-21remove patchhaawda
2020-10-06add patch to link aganst libbz2haawda
2020-08-07introduce epoch, weird thing happened in upstream's git repohaawda
2020-06-17manually install thingshaawda
2020-03-31new pkgver functionhaawda
2019-04-28adopted and rewrittenhaawda
2018-12-24Window position issue fixed upstreamAlfredo Ramos
2018-12-21Try to fix the window position issueAlfredo Ramos
2018-12-18Beta 2.9.3Alfredo Ramos
2018-03-23LRELEASE issue has been fixed upstreamAlfredo Ramos
2017-01-29Qt 5.8 rebuildAlfredo Ramos
2016-10-15Update package descriptionAlfredo Ramos
2016-09-03Update dependenciesAlfredo Ramos
2016-09-03Update dependenciesAlfredo Ramos
2016-06-25Qt 5.7 rebuildAlfredo Ramos
2016-06-12Add new dependencyAlfredo Ramos
2016-06-03Add QMAKE_CFLAGS and QMAKE_CXXFLAGS qmake variablesAlfredo Ramos
2016-05-02Delete install fileAlfredo Ramos
2016-04-21Update lrelease patchAlfredo Ramos
2016-03-22lrelease fixAlfredo Ramos
2016-02-11Quote srcdir and pkgdirAlfredo Ramos
2016-01-04Update pgkver()Alfredo Ramos
2015-11-22Add install fileAlfredo Ramos
2015-08-18Qt 5.5 build fixed upstreamAlfredo Ramos
2015-07-15Qt 5.5 fixAlfredo Ramos
2015-07-12Simplified relative pathsAlfredo Ramos
2015-07-06Beta 2.4.2Alfredo Ramos
2015-06-16Beta 2.4.1Alfredo Ramos
2015-06-15Beta 2.3.7. Patch updated.Alfredo Ramos
2015-06-14QvkScreenkey.h fix. Beta 2.3.5Alfredo Ramos
2015-06-09Beta 2.3.5Alfredo Ramos
2015-06-08MigrationAlfredo Ramos