AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-05-25bug fixAndyM48
2024-05-24Minor updates and bug fixesAndyM48
2024-01-01allow for Artix os as well as ArchAndyM48
2023-08-24Vpacman has moved to gitlabAndyM48
2022-02-07Remove trailing slashes from AUR rpc\nSome minor improvementsAndrew Myers
2021-06-21Add report to View Dependency changes on UpgradesAndrew Myers
2021-02-18Maintenance releaseAndrew Myers
2020-11-06Changed password routine to get elevated privileges\nBugfixesAndrew
2020-07-19Improved internet test, added dry run the clean package cache tool, bug fixesAndrew
2020-03-30Mainly cosmetic improvements. Improved logic for testing package versions.Andrew
2020-02-20Minor bug fixes and cosmetic changesAndrew
2019-04-27Minor Enhancements to AUR/Local package installAndrew
2019-03-10Minor Bug ReleaseAndrew
2019-03-02Bug ReleaseAndrew
2019-01-12Minor ReleaseAndrew
2019-01-12Minor ReleaseAndrew
2018-08-14Added Out-of-sync test and warning, Added toolbar button to run a full system...Andrew
2018-06-25This is a major rewrite so expect some bugs. No new functionality but, hopefu...Andrew
2018-04-24Added more ways to obtain elevated privilege.Andrew
2018-03-25Further bug releaseAndrew
2018-03-15Re-write to use copy of the pacman databases to preserve database integrityAndrew
2018-02-23Minor bug fixes - fixed the elapsed time displayed and persistent find data w...Andrew
2018-02-16Bug fixes to Find AUR/Local Upgrades and action messagesAndrew
2018-02-07Minor changes to correct some menu options and delete extraneous temporary filesAndrew
2018-02-03This is Version 1.0.0Andrew
2018-02-03This is Version 1.0.0Andrew