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19 hoursUpdate to CI
2024-01-30Fixed build and added launcher file for Wayland just like the binary release ...Cedric Roijakkers
2024-01-19Update to CI
2023-12-14Update to CI
2023-12-10Update to CI
2023-12-06Corrected codium command in vscodium-git-uri-handler.desktopCedric Roijakkers
2023-11-15Update to CI
2023-11-07Update to CI
2023-11-02Update to CI
2023-10-12Update to CI
2023-10-10Update to CI
2023-10-04Update to CI
2023-10-04Update to CI
2023-09-18Update to CI
2023-09-13Update to CI
2023-09-07Update to CI
2023-08-10Update to CI
2023-08-04Update to CI
2023-07-28Update to CI
2023-07-27Update to CI
2023-07-13Update to CI
2023-07-07Update to CI
2023-06-15Update to CI
2023-06-13Update to CI
2023-06-13Update to CI
2023-05-12Updated to Roijakkers
2023-05-11Updated to Roijakkers
2023-05-10Updated to Roijakkers
2023-04-12Update to CI
2023-04-11Update to CI
2023-04-05Update to CI
2023-04-05Update to CI
2023-04-03Update to CI
2023-03-31Update to CI
2023-03-15Update to CI
2023-03-10Update to CI
2023-03-03Update to CI
2023-02-09Update to CI
2023-02-02Update to CI
2023-01-10Update to CI
2023-01-07Update to CI
2023-01-07Update to CI
2022-12-21Update to CI
2022-12-15Update to CI
2022-12-08Update to CI
2022-11-10Update to CI
2022-11-03Update to CI
2022-10-17Updated to Augrain
2022-10-17Update to CI
2022-10-13Update to CI