AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-11-111.51.0Cameron Katri
2020-10-151.50.1Cameron Katri
2020-10-09Update .SRCINFOCameron Katri
2020-10-09Update to 1.50.0Cameron Katri
2020-10-08re-add aarch64 and armv7hCameron Katri
2020-10-03Update, remove ARM arch until new releases are madeCameron Katri
2020-09-23Take over as maintainer, and change how sources are downloaded/extractedCameron Katri
2020-09-18Update to 1.49.1Rowisi
2020-09-11Update to 1.49.0Rowisi
2020-08-26Update to 1.48.2Rowisi
2020-08-21update to 1.48.1Rowisi
2020-08-13Update to 1.48.0Rowisi
2020-07-28Update to 1.47.3Rowisi
2020-07-17Update to 1.47.2Rowisi
2020-07-15Update to 1.47.1Rowisi
2020-07-10Update to 1.47.0Rowisi
2020-06-29Update to 1.46.1Rowisi
2020-06-12Update to version 1.46.0Rowisi
2020-05-16Update to version 1.45.1Rowisi
2020-05-09Update to version 1.45.0Rowisi
2020-04-18Update to version 1.44.2Rowisi
2020-04-15Update to version 1.44.1Rowisi
2020-04-09Update to version 1.44.0Rowisi
2020-03-25Update to version 1.43.2Rowisi
2020-03-24Update to version 1.43.1Rowisi
2020-03-16Change to new shasumsRowisi
2020-03-10Update to version 1.43.0Rowisi
2020-02-14Update to version 1.42.1Rowisi
2020-02-09Add ARM and ARM64 supportRowisi
2020-02-09Fix build numberPlague Doctor
2020-02-09Upgrade to version 1.42.0Plague Doctor
2020-01-21Remove gconf from dependencyPlague Doctor
2019-12-24Upgrade to version 1.41.1Plague Doctor
2019-12-13Upgrade to version 1.41.0Plague Doctor
2019-11-27update packageOguz Kagan EREN
2019-11-21update desktop fileOguz Kagan EREN
2019-11-21Upgrade to version 1.40.1Plague Doctor
2019-11-09Fix (sym)links.Plague Doctor
2019-11-08Upgrade to version 1.40.0Plague Doctor
2019-11-03Add conflict with codePlague Doctor
2019-10-17Upgrade to version 1.39.2Plague Doctor
2019-10-12Upgrade to version 1.39.1Plague Doctor
2019-10-11Upgrade to version 1.39.0Plague Doctor
2019-09-13Upgrade to version 1.38.1Plague Doctor
2019-09-06Upgrade 1.38.0Plague Doctor
2019-08-18Upgrade to version 1.37.1Plague Doctor
2019-08-12Fix validationPlague Doctor
2019-08-11Upgrade to version 1.37.0Plague Doctor
2019-07-15Fix the version version 1.36.1Plague Doctor