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11 daysUpdated to
2023-09-07Updated to
2023-09-05Push version. Thanks @harmathy!Icelk
2023-09-05Ignore comment linesMax Harmathy
2023-09-05Fix pattern expansionMax Harmathy
2023-09-05Simplify option parsingMax Harmathy
2023-09-05Parse codium-flags.conf per line & space separatedIcelk
2023-08-10Updated to
2023-08-04Updated to
2023-07-28Updated to
2023-07-27Fix quoting in PKGBUILD & flags on the same line in codium-flags.conf. Thanks...Icelk
2023-07-27Modify flagsIcelk
2023-07-27Updated to
2023-07-13Updated to
2023-07-07Updated to
2023-06-15Updated to
2023-06-15Fix codium-flags.config. THanks @michaelskyfIcelk
2023-06-13Updated to
2023-06-12Add wayland desktop file to resolve WMClass issuesIcelk
2023-06-12Give CLI flags before config flags, thanks @manuthIcelk
2023-06-09Updated to
2023-05-12Updated to
2023-05-11Updated to
2023-05-10Updated to
2023-04-12Updated to
2023-04-11Updated to
2023-04-05Updated to
2023-04-05Updated to
2023-04-03Updated to
2023-03-31Updated to
2023-03-15Updated to
2023-03-14Add support for flags in ~/.config/codium-flags.confIcelk
2023-03-14Disable StartupNotify.Icelk
2023-03-10Updated to
2023-03-03Updated to
2023-02-10Updated to
2023-02-03Updated to
2023-01-10Updated to
2023-01-07Fix hashes.Icelk
2023-01-07Updated to
2022-12-21Updated to
2022-12-15Updated to
2022-12-08Updated to
2022-11-10Updated to
2022-11-02Updated to
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