AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
48 hoursUpdated to 1.70.1Icelk
2 daysFixed blobs and added shell completions.Icelk
8 daysUpdated to 1.70.0Icelk
11 daysAdd vscode to provides array.Icelk
2022-07-19Updated to 1.69.2Icelk
2022-07-13Updated to 1.69.1Icelk
2022-07-08Updated to 1.69.0Icelk
2022-06-16Updated to 1.68.1Icelk
2022-06-10Updated to 1.68.0Icelk
2022-05-19Updated to 1.67.2Icelk
2022-05-11Updated to 1.67.1Icelk
2022-05-08Updated to 1.67.0Icelk
2022-05-08Removed arch armv7h since VSCodium doesn't build for that anymore.Icelk
2022-04-13Updated to 1.66.2Icelk
2022-04-08Updated to 1.66.1Icelk
2022-03-31Updated to 1.66.0Icelk
2022-03-11Updated to 1.65.2Icelk
2022-03-09Updated to 1.65.1Icelk
2022-03-04Updated to 1.65.0Icelk
2022-02-11Updated to 1.64.2Icelk
2022-02-09Updated to 1.64.1Icelk
2022-02-04Updated to 1.64.0Icelk
2022-02-01Fixed issue with versioning.Icelk
2022-01-31Updated to 1.63.2Icelk
2022-01-31Updated to 1.63.1Icelk
2021-12-21Install to /opt/.Icelk
2021-12-17Updated to 1.63.2Icelk
2021-12-15Updated to 1.63.1Icelk
2021-12-09Updated to 1.63.0Icelk
2021-11-19Updated to 1.62.3Icelk
2021-11-12Updated to 1.62.2Icelk
2021-11-10Updated to 1.62.1Icelk
2021-11-06Updated to 1.62.0Icelk
2021-10-27Also provide 'vscodium' in next release.Icelk
2021-10-26Added conflicting packages.Icelk
2021-10-26Fixed build.Icelk
2021-10-26Added uri handler.Icelk
2021-10-20Updated to 1.61.2Icelk
2021-10-15Updated to 1.61.1Icelk
2021-10-09Updated to 1.61.0Icelk
2021-09-27Moved install location of VSCodium.desktop to codium.desktopIcelk
2021-09-23Updated to 1.60.2Icelk
2021-09-16Bumped pkgrel.Icelk
2021-09-16Updated to 1.60.1Icelk
2021-09-15Updated to 1.60.1Icelk
2021-09-14Bumped pkgrel.Icelk
2021-09-14Updated to 1.60.0Icelk
2021-09-07Updated to 1.60.0Icelk
2021-08-20Updated to 1.59.1Icelk
2021-08-06Updated to 1.59.0Icelk