AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-01-21Clean up PKGBUILD.Llewelyn Trahaearn
2019-01-02Bump to present commit.Llewelyn Trahaearn
2018-08-11Mend build by setting OpenGL_GL_PREFERENCE to GLVND for cmake and include mis...Llewelyn Trahaearn
2017-08-25Bump to the present.Llewelyn Trahaearn
2017-05-20Sync with release.Llewelyn Trahaearn
2017-05-15Clean up superfluous git pull statment.Llewelyn Trahaearn
2017-05-03Update to master.Llewelyn Trahaearn
2017-01-13upgpkg:0.5.1.r50.g4a34b08eLlewelyn Trahaearn
2016-09-16Function order revised to reflect changes to their order of execution by make...Llewelyn Trahaearn
2016-08-29Move from libpng12 to libpng.Llewelyn Trahaearn
2016-08-29.install file made redundant by pacman hooks, removed.Llewelyn Trahaearn
2016-06-03Patch to build agaisnt GCC 6.1.1Llewelyn Trahaearn
2016-04-05Migrate to the glfw3 branch.Llewelyn Trahaearn
2016-03-27Minor statment tuning.Llewelyn Trahaearn
2016-02-08Build tuning.Llewelyn Trahaearn
2016-01-27Synced with current git version.Llewelyn Trahaearn
2015-07-18Modified white-space.Llewelyn Trahaearn
2015-07-17Remove that pesky v.Llewelyn Trahaearn
2015-07-17Resolve issues where incorrect version info could be displayed.Llewelyn Trahaearn
2015-07-16Pedantic beautificaiton.Llewelyn Trahaearn
2015-07-16Package tuning.Llewelyn Trahaearn
2015-07-15Initial import.Llewelyn Trahaearn