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13 days3.29Mark Wagie
2023-01-253.28Mark Wagie
2022-12-05update licenseMark Wagie
2022-11-193.27Mark Wagie
2022-09-013.25Mark Wagie
2022-09-013.25Mark Wagie
2022-08-063.24Mark Wagie
2022-06-273.23Mark Wagie
2022-05-263.22Mark Wagie
2022-04-033.21Mark Wagie
2022-04-033.21Mark Wagie
2022-02-243.2Mark Wagie
2022-01-283.11Mark Wagie
2022-01-25add epochMark Wagie
2022-01-253.1Mark Wagie
2021-11-273.05Mark Wagie
2021-10-123.04Mark Wagie
2021-08-223.03Mark Wagie
2021-08-203.02Mark Wagie
2021-04-24update to 3.01Eric Engestrom
2021-01-10update to 3.0Eric Engestrom
2020-09-26fix package: forgot that now that the appimage is downloaded straight, it get...Eric Engestrom
2020-09-26initial commit - version 2.21Eric Engestrom