AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
42 hoursAdd missing Python yaml dependencyEcho J
2024-05-06Add missing python-packaging packageEcho J
2024-05-06Add debug stuffEcho J
2024-04-10Add more files for the Rust hackEcho J
2024-04-09Add extra Rust dependenciesEcho J
2024-03-25Add a conflict for the Arch repo packageEcho J
2024-03-01Remove upstreamed iadd3 patchEcho J
2024-02-27Remove memory budget patchEcho J
2024-02-17Remove upstreamed VR patchEcho J
2024-02-16Update patchesEcho J
2024-02-16Add more patches for testingEcho J
2024-02-02Remove upstreamed compressed image patchEcho J.
2024-01-29Remove some Vulkan 1.3 stuffEcho J.
2024-01-20Add some more patches for testingEcho J.
2024-01-10Remove pipeline caching patchEcho J.
2024-01-06Reenable the pipeline cache patchEcho J.
2023-12-21Remove present wait patchEcho J.
2023-12-19Add present wait patch :josh_blue:Echo J.
2023-12-16Disable the pipeline caching patchEcho J.
2023-12-16Update memory model patchEcho J.
2023-12-15Update pipeline caching/memory budget patchesEcho J.
2023-12-11Update memory budget patchEcho J.
2023-12-07Update pipeline cache patchEcho J.
2023-12-04Update pipeline cache patchEcho J.
2023-11-29Update patches for Vulkan 1.1 commitEcho J.
2023-11-25Update Vulkan 1.1 patchEcho J.
2023-11-21Update entrypoints back to Vulkan 1.3Echo J.
2023-11-21Add a workaround for a Meson bugEcho J.
2023-11-17Update pipeline caching/sync2 patchesEcho J.
2023-11-16Update the symbol used for new uAPI detectionEcho J.
2023-11-15Rebase the pipeline caching patchEcho J.
2023-11-14Update SRCINFOEcho J.
2023-11-14Update the package for NAK supportEcho J.
2023-11-10Initial taste of NVKEcho J.