AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-05-24Update to version 2.1.0Miodrag Tokić
2021-08-02Pin python-click version due to incompatibilitiesMiodrag Tokić
2021-05-26Update to version 2.0.1Miodrag Tokić
2021-03-24Update to version 2.0.0Miodrag Tokić
2020-07-07Update to version 1.10.0Miodrag Tokić
2020-05-28Update to version 1.9.0Miodrag Tokić
2019-08-26Update to version 1.8.0Miodrag Tokić
2019-05-06Update SRCINFOMiodrag Tokić
2019-05-06Add fish shell completionMiodrag Tokić
2019-03-26Update to version 1.7.0Miodrag Tokić
2018-05-19Update to version 1.6.0Miodrag Tokić
2018-01-08Fix broken setup processMiodrag Tokić
2017-08-14Use globally unique source file nameMiodrag Tokić
2017-08-06Update to version 1.5.2Miodrag Tokić
2017-08-06Update to version 1.5.1Miodrag Tokić
2017-08-06Update to version 1.5.0Miodrag Tokić
2017-04-09Add Zsh completionMiodrag Tokić
2016-12-02Update to version 1.4.0Miodrag Tokić
2016-05-03Remove unneeded meta data and variablesMiodrag Tokić
2016-03-02Update to version 1.3.2Miodrag Tokić
2016-02-13Update to version 1.3.1Miodrag Tokić
2016-02-09Initial importMiodrag Tokić