AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-04-21fix: proper ansi fixKrasovskiy Saveliy Igorevich
2024-04-21fix: change repo urlKrasovskiy Saveliy Igorevich
2024-04-21fix: ansi fixKrasovskiy Saveliy Igorevich
2023-12-27feat: new releaseKrasovskiy Saveliy Igorevich
2023-12-18feat: new releaseKrasovskiy Saveliy Igorevich
2023-11-19feat: new fix releaseKrasovskiy Saveliy Igorevich
2023-11-19feat: new releaseKrasovskiy Saveliy Igorevich
2023-08-06feat: new releaseSavely Krasovsky
2023-06-20fix: fix issue properly...Savely Krasovsky
2023-06-20fix: fix issueSavely Krasovsky
2023-06-01feat: Turkish translation addedSavely Krasovsky
2023-05-10fix: issue with Makefile #2Savely Krasovsky
2023-05-10fix: issue with MakefileSavely Krasovsky
2023-05-10feat: French translation addedSavely Krasovsky
2023-05-10feat: new release with bug fixesSavely Krasovsky
2023-05-04fix: gitignore patchSavely Krasovsky
2023-05-03feat: limit the size of notification and tooltipSavely Krasovsky
2023-05-03feat: release with configurable interval and cyclesSavely Krasovsky
2023-05-03fix: correct plural formsSavely Krasovsky
2023-05-03feat: initial AUR releaseSavely Krasovsky