AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-01-03upgrade to 1.3.4Danct12
2022-09-30upgrade to 1.3.3Danct12
2022-09-18upgrade to 1.3.2Danct12
2022-09-05upgrade to 1.3.1Danct12
2022-08-10systemd service moved to a different locationDanct12
2022-08-10fix anbox.conf errorDanct12
2022-08-10upgrade to 1.3.0Danct12
2022-04-19upgrade to 1.2.1Danct12
2022-02-14fix bad eol on proc dt valuesDanct12
2021-10-19upgrade to 1.2.0Danct12
2021-10-01container: don't panic if binder device already existsDanct12
2021-10-01upgrade to 1.1.1Danct12
2021-09-29log permission fix and add pyclip to optdependsDanct12
2021-09-29upgrade to 1.1.0Danct12
2021-09-26update waydroid commitDanct12
2021-09-15update depDanct12
2021-09-14update commit, depend on python-gobject and remove pyrequestsDanct12
2021-09-12update commitDanct12
2021-09-12initial commitDanct12