AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-09-27upgrade release to v0.3dszryan
2019-09-27added sudo before command in install scriptdszryan
2019-09-27removed unused INSTALL filedszryan
2019-09-27updated install definitiondszryan
2019-09-22removed carriage return at enddszryan
2019-09-22removed ref to file extensiondszryan
2019-09-22updated install script - corrected stepsdszryan
2019-09-22added clean pre_install stepdszryan
2019-09-22added fix for upgradedszryan
2019-09-22updated gitignore to include package folderdszryan
2019-09-22fixed package namedszryan
2019-09-22initial commitdszryan