AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-08-28Update makedependsManuel Stoeckl
2021-03-30Update descriptionManuel Stoeckl
2020-11-14Fix arch field to list all potential architecturesManuel Stoeckl
2020-11-05Remove wayland and wayland-protocols dependenciesManuel Stoeckl
2020-07-05Make ffmpeg and libva dependsManuel Stoeckl
2019-08-17Conflict with base ('waypipe', non-git) packageManuel Stoeckl
2019-08-17waypipe is no longer very unstable, just unstableManuel Stoeckl
2019-08-09Bump versionManuel Stoeckl
2019-07-11Add optional libva dependencyManuel Stoeckl
2019-07-04Drop libffi dependencyManuel Stoeckl
2019-06-30wayland is now only a makedependManuel Stoeckl
2019-06-19Update dependencies, add check()Manuel Stoeckl
2019-06-10Add zstd and lz4 dependenciesManuel Stoeckl
2019-06-03Fix .SRCINFOManuel Stoeckl
2019-06-03Add runtime mesa dependency for libgbmManuel Stoeckl
2019-05-29Initial commit, add PKGBUILD and .SRCINFOManuel Stoeckl