AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
6 daysUpdate wch-isp to v0.3.0Jules Maselbas
2023-04-19Update wch-isp to v0.2.5Jules Maselbas
2023-03-27Update wch-isp to v0.2.4Jules Maselbas
2023-03-11Update wch-isp to v0.2.3Jules Maselbas
2023-02-25Update wch-isp to v0.2.2Jules Maselbas
2023-02-03Update wch-isp to v0.2.1Jules Maselbas
2022-08-12Update wch-isp to v0.2Jules Maselbas
2022-07-27update .SRCINFOJules Maselbas
2022-07-27Use https for package and install udev rulesJules Maselbas
2022-07-26update .SRCINFOJules Maselbas
2022-07-26Update wch-isp to v0.1.1Jules Maselbas
2022-07-24Update dependenciesJules Maselbas
2022-07-20Add wch-isp packageJules Maselbas