AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
13 daysPackage hashes changed somehow?Bilal Taşdelen
2024-02-18Bump to 4.3.0Bilal Taşdelen
2023-11-11Bump to 4.2.1Bilal Taşdelen
2023-08-18Bump to 4.2.0Bilal Taşdelen
2023-06-17Bump to 4.1.2Bilal Taşdelen
2023-05-22Bump to v4.1.1Bilal Taşdelen
2023-05-20Bump to v4.1.1, pre release to fix the crashBilal Taşdelen
2023-05-10Bump to 4.1.0. .deb archive type changed to zstd.Bilal Taşdelen
2022-11-15Bump to 4.0.3Bilal Taşdelen
2022-07-13fixed PKGBUILD "groups" entryJunker
2022-07-12version 4.0.1Junker
2022-03-19version 3.8.1Junker
2021-12-12version 3.8.0Junker
2021-06-17version 3.7.1Junker
2020-08-17update to 3.6.1 versionJunker
2020-05-28update to 3.6.0 versionJunker
2019-09-17fix desktop fileJunker
2019-08-30remove java-runtime dependency. use provided 'desktop' fileJunker
2019-08-22use deb package from githubJunker
2019-08-21fix pkgrel versionJunker
2019-08-21fix pkgrel versionJunker
2019-08-21update to 3.5.3Junker
2019-05-09download url fixJunker
2019-02-21add desktop fileJunker