AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-02-19Improve check()Daniel Peukert
2024-01-28Build weatherspect from source archiveDaniel Peukert
2024-01-28Sync pkgbuilds repo with AURDaniel Peukert
2021-12-12Devendor weatherspectDaniel Peukert
2019-12-31Fixed spacing of multiple sourcesDaniel Peukert
2019-12-30Added weatherspectDaniel Peukert
2015-08-05Make the gitignore non-version-specificKevin MacMartin
2015-08-05Improve bash standards used in the PKGBUILD and add .gitignoreKevin MacMartin
2015-06-10Initial import into AUR 4Kevin MacMartin