AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-07-16update to latest releaseDaniel Poellmann
2017-04-27Remove redundant workaroundAndrejs Mivreņiks
2017-04-27Remove duplicate name from contributors listAndrejs Mivreņiks
2017-04-22Update to 7.1Victor Grousset/tuxayo
2016-11-06fix pom.xml dependency + clean package metadataVictor Grousset/tuxayo
2016-04-15include lessons because now they are in a separate repositoryVictor Grousset/tuxayo
2016-04-14Update from legacy version to 7.0.1Victor Grousset/tuxayo
2015-08-31Add quotes to avoid possible issuesAndrejs Mivreņiks
2015-08-31Fix source linkAndrejs Mivreņiks
2015-08-31Clean up the PKGBUILD a bitAndrejs Mivreņiks
2015-06-08Transition to AUR4Andrejs Mivreņiks