AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-02-11upgpkg: weewx 5.0.2-1Michael Schantl
2024-02-05upgpkg: weewx 5.0.1-2Michael Schantl
2024-01-19upgpkg: weewx 5.0.0-2Michael Schantl
2024-01-19upgpkg: weewx 5.0.0-1Michael Schantl
2023-10-06upgpkg: weewx 4.10.2-7Michael Schantl
2023-09-06upgpkg: weewx 4.10.2-6Michael Schantl
2023-07-08upgpkg: weewx 4.10.2-5Michael Schantl
2023-07-07upgpkg: weewx 4.10.2-4Michael Schantl
2023-05-10Update SRCINFO for weewxMichael Schantl
2023-05-10Add patch for incorrect upstream versioningMichael Schantl
2023-05-10Add patch for breaking change in PillowMichael Schantl
2023-02-23Update weewx to 4.10.2Michael Schantl
2023-02-01Switch to unique download file name for WeeWXMichael Schantl
2023-02-01Update weewx to 4.10.1Michael Schantl
2022-10-26Update weewx to 4.9.1Michael Schantl
2022-07-22Fix wrong checksum of WeeWX packageMichael Schantl
2022-04-22Don't daemonize WeeWXMichael Schantl
2022-04-22Update WeeWX to 4.8.0Michael Schantl
2022-03-02Update WeeWX to 4.7.0Michael Schantl
2022-02-11Update WeeWX to 4.6.2Michael Schantl
2022-02-11Update WeeWX to 4.6.1Michael Schantl
2022-02-05Update WeeWX to 4.6.0Michael Schantl
2021-04-02Update WeeWX to 4.5.1Michael Schantl
2021-03-13Allow for automatic update checkingMichael Schantl
2021-01-31Update WeeWX to v4.4.0Michael Schantl
2021-01-16Merge subtree 'weewx'Michael Schantl
2021-01-16Bump pkgrel versionMichael Schantl
2021-01-16Update srcinfoMichael Schantl
2021-01-16Correct info for optional depsMichael Schantl
2021-01-16Replace pyephem with original ephemMichael Schantl
2021-01-05Update WeeWX to v4.3.0Michael Schantl
2020-10-28Move WeeWX pid fileMichael Schantl
2020-10-28Drop 'install' file for WeeWX pkgMichael Schantl
2020-10-28Update WeeWX to 4.2.0Michael Schantl
2020-07-25Add _watch property for pkgbuild-watch toolMichael Schantl
2020-07-11Initial releaseMichael Schantl