AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-11-13Release 3.1.0Denis Kasak
2020-10-27Update to 3.0.3Denis Kasak
2020-09-14Update to 3.0.1Denis Kasak
2020-04-27Add python-sphinx to makedepends.Denis Kasak
2020-04-22Update to 2.4.5 and package docs and wordlists.Denis Kasak
2020-03-02Update to 2.4.4.Denis Kasak
2019-10-20Update to 2.4.1Denis Kasak
2019-06-15Update to 2.4Denis Kasak
2019-06-03upgpkg: wfuzz 2.3.4-3Cedric Girard
2019-05-19add missing dependenciesOlivier Le Moal
2019-01-23update to 2.3.4Olivier Le Moal
2018-12-05update wfuzz to 2.3.1Olivier Le Moal
2018-07-17update .SRCINFOOlivier Le Moal
2018-07-17update to 2.2.11Olivier Le Moal
2018-01-30update dependenciesOlivier Le Moal
2018-01-30use wfuzz setup.pyOlivier Le Moal
2018-01-30update to 2.2.9Olivier Le Moal
2017-08-31add .SRCINFOOlivier Le Moal
2017-08-31update to 2.1.5Olivier Le Moal
2015-06-21Initial importOlivier Le Moal