AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-05-10whatpulse: Release v5.4 with bundled Qt6Mubashshir
2023-03-31whatpulse: Prevent segfaultsMubashshir
2023-03-20whatpulse: Fix urlMubashshir
2023-03-19whatpulse: Publish v5.3Mubashshir
2023-01-08whatpulse: Fix shaMubashshir
2023-01-07whatpulse: Release v5.1Mubashshir
2022-12-09whatpulse: Fix depsMubashshir
2022-11-26whatpulse: Release upstream v5.0Mubashshir
2022-09-02whatpulse: Release 4.2-1Mubashshir
2022-06-11whatpulse: Release 4.0-1Mubashshir
2022-05-19whatpulse: pkgrel bump.Mubashshir
2022-05-19whatpulse: pkgrel bump.Mubashshir
2022-04-09whatpulse: Release 3.7-4Mubashshir
2022-02-24whatpulse: Release 3.7-3Mubashshir
2022-02-24whatpulse: Release 3.7-2Mubashshir
2022-02-24whatpulse: Release 3.7-1Mubashshir
2021-11-17pkg: Release whatpulse 3.6-1Mubashshir
2021-11-16upgpkg: whatpulse 3.6.11-1Mubashshir
2021-10-27Update to v3.5 and use snap as new sourceMubashshir
2019-01-09Removing i386 from arch propertyThor K. H
2018-11-20Updated to v2.8.4, without successThor K. H
2018-04-16Updated to 2.8.3Thor K. H
2018-02-25Updated to v2.8.2Thor K. H
2017-08-05Bumped pkgrelThor K. H
2017-08-05How'd I even-- fixed wrong sha256sumThor K. H
2017-08-04Updated to 2.8.1Thor K. H
2017-02-19Removed erronous 'systray' optdependThor K. H
2016-07-03Fixed woopsThor K. H
2016-07-03Added extracted changelog and license based on READMEThor K. H
2016-07-03Updated to 2.7.1Thor K. H
2016-02-28Updated to version 2.7Thor K. H
2015-09-05Updated SRCINFOThor K. H
2015-09-05Update to 2.6.3; URLs now should work.Thor K. H
2015-06-29Updated to version 2.6.2 after source testingThor K. H
2015-06-09Initial importThor K. H