AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
29 hoursUpdating user agents.Fredy García
2022-11-26Updating user agent.Fredy García
2022-09-27Upgrading to version 2.2236.10Fredy García
2022-06-21Changing user agent to avoid issues with outdated version of browser.Fredy García
2022-06-21Merge pull request #20 from duberlyguarnizofuentesrivera/safariFixFredy Alberto García Güiza
2022-06-21Merge branch 'master' into safariFixFredy Alberto García Güiza
2022-06-21Merge pull request #21 from leakypixel/masterFredy Alberto García Güiza
2022-06-21Merge pull request #22 from dionpouw/masterFredy Alberto García Güiza
2022-06-20change useragent in PKGBUILD into firefoxdionpouw
2022-06-15Change version to avoid old version messageCraig Fletcher
2022-06-14Changed User Agent from Safari to MozillaDuberly, Guarnizo Fuentes Rivera
2022-02-26Bumping up to avoid old nodejs version message.Fredy García
2021-11-02Adding async invocations in case of delay in unsupported web browser message.Fredy García
2021-10-28Adding unregistration of service worker to inject.jsFredy García
2021-09-30Removing line from PKGBUILD to avoid issues in preload.jsFredy García
2021-09-30Merge pull request #11 from Nowaker/patch-1Fredy Alberto García Güiza
2021-09-29Fix injection codeDamian Nowak
2021-09-02Using ls (without -l) to obtain folder and binary names.Fredy García
2021-06-17Merge pull request #4 from matejdro/patch-1Fredy Alberto García Güiza
2021-06-16Changing inject according to nativefier specs. Using safari user agent.Fredy García
2021-05-14Using last version of electron.frealgagu
2021-03-29do not force electron versionMatej Drobnič
2020-11-09Bumping to use a new nativefier version.frealgagu
2020-08-12Modifying inject.jsfrealgagu
2020-07-08Adding spellchecker option. Usign electron 9.0.2 as workaround to left click ...frealgagu
2020-03-26Adjusting preload.js to show screen correctly.frealgagu
2020-03-25Adding unzip make dependency and modifying inject.js to support multiple lang...frealgagu
2020-03-13Adding support for other languages.frealgagu
2020-03-12Adding support for other languages.frealgagu
2020-02-08Using correct folder and binary names regardless of generated ones by nativef...frealgagu
2020-01-30Updating link to correct binary.frealgagu
2020-01-30Fixing bug in folder name.frealgagu
2019-12-18Adding optdepend libindicator-gtk3frealgagu
2019-09-29Setting permissions to 644 for non executable files.frealgagu
2019-05-28Changing StartupWMClass from whatsapp-nativefier to whats-app-nativefier-d525...frealgagu
2019-04-13Formatting.Fredy García
2019-04-12Fixing inject to skip browser validation.frealgagu
2019-02-01Adding --single-instance flag to nativefier to allow only one instance.frealgagu
2018-12-20Adding icons to /usr/share/icons/hicolor folder.frealgagu
2018-12-14Initial commit.frealgagu