AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-06-06Improve serviceWorkerHackFrancisco Guimarães
2020-06-05- Using official whatsapp dark themeFrancisco Guimarães
2020-04-29Fix/update styleFrancisco Guimarães
2020-03-28Update to latest css styleFrancisco Guimarães
2020-03-19Add sources and fix yarn commandFrancisco Guimarães
2020-03-18Bump pkgrelFrancisco Guimarães
2020-03-18nativefier with fixed versionFrancisco Guimarães
2020-03-18Add hack for spanish languageFrancisco Guimarães
2020-02-26Add background-colorFrancisco Guimarães
2020-02-21Upgrade to latest versionFrancisco Guimarães
2020-02-05New outline iconFrancisco Guimarães
2020-02-04Bump pkrelFrancisco Guimarães
2020-02-04- Add new dark iconFrancisco Guimarães
2020-02-01Adjust new nativefier name logic.Francisco Guimarães
2020-02-01Add german language to service worker hackFrancisco Guimarães
2020-01-23Fix .SRCINFOFrancisco Guimarães
2020-01-20Fix sha256sumsFrancisco Guimarães
2020-01-20Update user scriptFrancisco Guimarães
2020-01-20 Add instructions on how to update user scriptFrancisco Guimarães
2020-01-14Adds support for multi languages when there is the need to reload the service...Francisco Guimarães
2020-01-07Initial packageFrancisco Guimarães