AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-06-22Proper fix for changes to firefox plugin detectionBart De Vries
2023-06-21Workaround for a firefox 114 issue (not finding the CDM lib)Bart De Vries
2023-05-05Remove checksum for eulaBart De Vries
2023-05-02Update to latest debian upstream versionBart De Vries
2023-02-22Update to 4.10.2257.0Bart De Vries
2022-01-23Update to 4.10.2252.0Bart De Vries
2021-03-19Extract lib from deb-package instead of chromeosBart De Vries
2020-10-12Initial version of widevine-armv7h packageBart De Vries