AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-07-02update to the latest stable versionChih-Hsuan Yen
2021-12-21[lilac] updated to 7.0rc1-1lilac
2021-11-22[lilac] updated to 6.22-1lilac
2021-11-19[lilac] updated to 6.21-3lilac
2021-11-17[lilac] updated to 6.21-2lilac
2021-11-09[lilac] updated to 6.21-1lilac
2021-10-27[lilac] updated to 6.20-1lilac
2021-10-26[lilac] updated to 6.19-1lilac
2021-10-18[lilac] updated to 6.17-1lilac
2021-08-28[lilac] updated to 6.16-1lilac
2021-08-14[lilac] updated to 6.15-1lilac
2021-07-31[lilac] updated to 6.14-1lilac
2021-07-22[lilac] updated to 6.13-1lilac
2021-07-04[lilac] updated to 6.12-1lilac
2021-06-19[lilac] updated to 6.11-1lilac
2021-06-06[lilac] updated to 6.10-1lilac
2021-05-31[lilac] updated to 6.9-2lilac
2021-05-31wine with IDRASSI's winscard patchChih-Hsuan Yen