AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
9 daysupdate SRCINFO file to package versionRoland
11 daysupdate to wine 4.21Roland
2019-11-20update to wine 4.20Roland
2019-11-07update to wine 4.19Roland
2019-10-30update to wine 4.18Roland
2019-10-14increase versionRoland
2019-07-18update to new wine version, compile without mingwRoland
2019-05-10update to version 4.7, remove some unused dependenciesRoland Angerbauer
2019-04-20testing PKBUILD remove unused bin fmt config fileRoland Angerbauer
2019-04-08remove install file physicallyRoland Angerbauer
2019-04-08remove install fileRoland Angerbauer
2018-12-21initial versionRoland Angerbauer