AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-06-15update to 5.21D3SOX
2022-02-22update to 5.19.6D3SOX
2021-12-02update to 5.19.5D3SOX
2021-10-25forgot to bump pkgverD3SOX
2021-10-25update to 5.19.4D3SOX
2021-10-12update to 5.19.3D3SOX
2021-09-08update to 5.19.2D3SOX
2021-07-04update to 5.19.1D3SOX
2021-06-18update to 5.19D3SOX
2021-01-29update to 5.17.10D3SOX
2020-11-23update to 5.17.9D3SOX
2020-10-15updated to 5.17.8D3SOX
2020-10-07updated maintainer commentD3SOX
2020-08-11updated to 5.17.7D3S0X
2020-03-24Updated WinSCP to 5.17.2Danny Korpan
2020-03-24Updated WinSCP to 5.17.2Danny Korpan
2019-10-22Updated faulty PKGBUILD line split up - thanks to cfeedbackDanny Korpan
2019-10-22Updated package winscp 5.15.5-1Danny Korpan
2018-02-18Updated package winscp 5.11.3-1Muflone
2017-10-01Updated package winscp 5.11.1-1Muflone
2017-04-22Updated package winscp 5.9.5-1Muflone
2017-03-04Updated package winscp 5.9.4-1Muflone
2015-06-13Initial importMuflone