AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-01-19wire-desktop-git: updateMaxim Baz
2019-08-30wire-desktop-git: updateMaxim Baz
2019-03-28wire-desktop-git: no need to manually remove node-addressbook anymoreMaxim Baz
2019-03-09wire-desktop-git: update build commandMaxim Baz
2019-02-20wire-desktop-git: align with wire-desktop-betaMaxim Baz
2019-02-18Remove unneeded PKGBUILD linesConor Anderson
2019-01-10wire-desktop-git: remove node-addressbookMaxim Baz
2019-01-10wire-desktop-git: remove hunspell, use tab width 4Maxim Baz
2018-12-31wire-desktop: better way to read system electron versionMaxim Baz
2018-12-31wire-desktop: compile native extensions against correct electron version (#4)Maxim Baz
2018-12-30Update wire-desktop-beta and -git, -beta doesn't conflict with wire-desktop (#3)Maxim Baz
2018-11-26Update build processConor Anderson
2018-09-20Remove patchConor Anderson
2018-09-17Patch GruntfileConor Anderson
2017-12-06Add emoji optdepends SRCINFOConor Anderson
2017-12-06Add emoji optdependsConor Anderson
2017-11-11Use upstream .desktop generic nameConor Anderson
2017-11-05Fix pkgver()Conor Anderson
2017-10-13Add StartupWMClass=Wire to desktop to avoid two icons on GnomeConor Anderson
2017-10-09Add xdg-utils as dependConor Anderson
2017-07-20Fix wildcard issueConor Anderson
2017-07-20Remove gendesk stuff and replace desktop entry.Conor Anderson
2017-07-20Package tweaksConor Anderson
2017-07-17Use npm-installed gruntConor Anderson
2017-07-15!!stripConor Anderson
2017-07-14Make necessary SRCINFO changesConor Anderson
2017-07-14Make cargo a real makedepConor Anderson
2017-07-13Add bundle taskConor Anderson
2017-06-20Replace rust optdep with cargo.Conor Anderson
2017-06-20Add rust optdep.Conor Anderson
2017-04-15electronbuilder:linux_otherConor Anderson
2017-04-11Program was renamed to wire-desktop by upstream.Conor Anderson
2017-01-23Spellcheck fixesConor Anderson
2017-01-17Switch back to npmConor Anderson
2016-12-28Icon permissionsConor Anderson
2016-12-26Icon and desktop file tweaksConor Anderson
2016-12-24automated version bumpConor Anderson
2016-12-21automated version bumpConor Anderson
2016-12-15automated version bumpConor Anderson
2016-12-14automated version bumpConor Anderson
2016-12-12automated version bumpConor Anderson
2016-12-09automated version bumpConor Anderson
2016-12-08automated version bumpConor Anderson
2016-12-07Add npm dependency and icon and desktop cache refreshConor Anderson
2016-12-06automated version bumpConor Anderson
2016-12-05automated version bumpConor Anderson
2016-12-03automated version bumpConor Anderson
2016-12-01Update license nameConor Anderson
2016-11-30automated version bumpConor Anderson
2016-11-25automated version bumpConor Anderson