AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-05-22update to
2023-02-14remove the unneeded optdepend "icu48"ghesy
2022-12-14refactor and restructureghesy
2022-12-04refactor and update to the latest versionghesy
2020-06-30Add/update missing runtime depsDavid Phillips
2020-06-28Bump to 0.12.6David Phillips
2018-08-20Bump to 0.12.5, use non-generic buildsDavid Phillips
2018-05-04Remove over-verboseness, fix quoting on dirDavid Phillips
2017-06-28Change source urlsDavid Phillips
2017-01-28Update wkhtmltopdf to 0.12.4David Phillips
2016-01-26Updated to 0.12.3 release, cheers uwolfer for the reportDavid Phillips
2015-08-09Updated to new download serverDavid Phillips
2015-06-08FirstDavid Phillips