AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-01-22wlc: fix libdirEarnestly
2016-10-27wlc: use upstream wayland-protocols directlyEarnestly
2016-10-05wlc: version bumpEarnestly
2016-04-26wlc: sigh leading v in versionEarnestly
2016-04-26wlc: version bumpEarnestly
2016-03-06wlc: version bumpEarnestly
2016-02-18wlc: use https link for wayland-protocolsEarnestly
2016-02-16wlc: version bumpEarnestly
2016-02-14wlc: use internal wayland-protocolsEarnestly
2016-02-13wlc: add missing license after switch to MITEarnestly
2016-01-23wlc: add new wayland-protocols submoduleEarnestly
2016-01-23wlc: add xcb-util-wm dependencyEarnestly
2016-01-22wlc: no weak linking, most optional deps are now requiredEarnestly
2015-11-30wlc: version bumpEarnestly
2015-11-20wlc: version bumpEarnestly
2015-10-30wlc: make aur happyEarnestly
2015-10-30wlc: Correct macro name.Earnestly
2015-10-29wlc: version bumpEarnestly
2015-10-23wlc: Version bump.Earnestly
2015-09-25wlc: Add needful xcb-util-image build/optional dependency for xwayland support.Earnestly
2015-09-11wlc: Version bump.Earnestly
2015-08-26wlc: New build type designed for packages, also version bump.Earnestly
2015-08-23wlc: Update submodule location.Earnestly
2015-08-23wlc: We now use standard gnu install directories, on Arch this needs to be se...Earnestly
2015-08-22wlc: Version bump.Earnestly
2015-08-20wlc: Version bumps.Earnestly
2015-08-18wlc: Add correct build dependencies.Earnestly
2015-08-17Version bump.Earnestly
2015-08-16Version bump.Earnestly
2015-08-10Version bumpEarnestly
2015-08-10Add wlc-gitEarnestly