AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-01-28fix: xwayland makedependsGreyXor
2024-01-28fix: xwayland makedependsGreyXor
2024-01-25refactor: namcap issues, optdeps and messageGreyXor
2023-03-04Add liblifoff and libdisplay-info dependenciesAdrian Perez de Castro
2022-05-25Support new wlroots versionning scheme (-dev suffix)Antonin Décimo
2022-01-29Fix debug package by running meson setup twiceAntonin Décimo
2022-01-12cd into ${pkgname}Antonin Décimo
2022-01-08Fix version detectionAntonin Décimo
2022-01-06Extract version number using meson introspectAntonin Décimo
2022-01-05Fix Git repo URL to avoid redirectAdrian Perez de Castro
2021-12-09Add depends=vulkan-validation-layersAdrian Perez de Castro
2021-11-01Switch wlroots dev repo to GitLabAntonin Décimo
2021-10-18Depend on glslang, vulkan-icd-loader, vulkan-headersAntonin Décimo
2021-09-24Update Meson build options, remove systemd depAdrian Perez de Castro
2021-09-16Remove old build optionsAntonin Décimo
2021-09-15Switch dependency from libseat to seatdAdrian Perez de Castro
2021-07-02Fix version info for and wlrootsFerdinand Bachmann
2021-07-01Provide wlrootsAntonin Décimo
2021-06-29Bump versionAntonin Décimo
2021-06-29Provide instead of wlrootsAntonin Décimo
2021-06-29Depend on libseat instead of seatdAntonin Décimo
2021-04-12Print notice about partial {sway,wlroots}-git upgradeAntonin Décimo
2021-04-12Depend on libseat/seatdAntonin Décimo
2021-04-10Bump version and provide numbersAntonin Décimo
2021-03-16Update dependencies and use only mesonAntonin Décimo
2020-10-31Do not pass -Dlibcap option to MesonAdrian Perez de Castro
2020-10-07Disable examples to avoid needing ffmpeg as makedepends, remove libcapAdrian Perez de Castro
2020-01-16Remove !strip optionAdrian Perez de Castro
2020-01-14Remove unneeded dependencies due to removal of RDP backendAdrian Perez de Castro
2020-01-02Add missing xorgproto makedependsAdrian Perez de Castro
2019-10-17Add missing freerdp dependencyAdrian Perez de Castro
2019-09-25Use most recent tag as provided versionAdrian Perez de Castro
2019-08-09Invert .gitignore matchesAdrian Perez de Castro
2019-08-09Do not build and install rootstonAdrian Perez de Castro
2019-03-05The meson "xcb-xkb" option is no longerAdrian Perez de Castro
2018-12-26Add dependencies for dmabuf-capture and screencopyAdrian Perez de Castro
2018-09-05Update to new upstream meson_options.txtAdrian Perez de Castro
2018-06-28Manually install rootston inside package()Adrian Perez de Castro
2018-05-20Use debug build by default, as per upstream requestAdrian Perez de Castro
2018-05-08Add missing depends: git, wayland-protocolsAdrian Perez de Castro
2018-04-09Adapt to new names of Meson options, add xcb-errors dependencyAdrian Perez de Castro
2018-02-21Fix pkgver() function and use the one from Arch WikiAdrian Perez de Castro
2018-02-20Revbump to r1924Adrian Perez de Castro
2018-01-29Initial importAdrian Perez de Castro