AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-02-06Bump version to 0.11Martin Franc
2020-08-08Bump version to 0.10Martin Franc
2020-08-07Bump version to 0.9-2Martin Franc
2020-08-07Package should not provide itselfMartin Franc
2020-08-07Package should not be in conflict with itselfMartin Franc
2020-08-07wob 0.9Martin Franc
2020-03-01wob 0.8Martin Franc
2020-02-29wob 0.7Martin Franc
2020-01-06wob 0.6Martin Franc
2019-12-25Remove --buildtype releaseMartin Franc
2019-12-25Run tests in check()Martin Franc
2019-12-24Add wayland to list of dependenciesMartin Franc
2019-12-23wob 0.5Martin Franc
2019-11-17wob 0.4Martin Franc
2019-11-17Add license to installation processMartin Franc
2019-11-15wob 0.3Martin Franc
2019-09-27wob 0.2Martin Franc
2019-08-21GPL -> ISCMartin Franc
2019-07-21wob 0.1Martin Franc