AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-02-18Update to 14.0.0Samuel Bernard
2023-08-24Fix download link & include current version to be more robustSamuel Bernard
2023-08-24Update to 13.3.0Samuel Bernard
2023-04-08Add wolframplayer & wolfram in provides fieldSamuel Bernard
2023-03-12Fix licence path to respect official conventionSamuel Bernard
2023-01-24Update to 13.2.0Samuel Bernard
2022-11-27Update to 13.1.0Samuel Bernard
2022-03-24Update to 13.0.1Samuel Bernard
2022-01-25Update to 13.0.0Samuel Bernard
2021-07-23Set myself as maintainerSamuel Bernard
2021-07-23Rewrite based on Mathematica's PKGBUILDSamuel Bernard
2021-03-20First commitanonymous